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Daily Hustle Eye Pencil - Black

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Daily Hustle Eye Pencil - Green

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Sunny Days Perfume

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Chumbak Beauty

Cheeky and cheerful - the Chumbak vibe is a vivacious mixture ... Read more

Chumbak Beauty

Cheeky and cheerful - the Chumbak vibe is a vivacious mixture of creativity and confidence. Needless to say, our products are a carefree expression of just that. Make every day more beautiful with Chumbak’s collection of lipsticks, perfumes and more.

Chasing Colours #withchumbak

Whether it’s time to get a move on or simply put your feet up and take some me-time, make it a colourful story for your journal. Our selection of beauty and wellness products stems from a yearning for the imaginative yet tranquil mindset. Check out our colourful palettes for every mood.

For the daily hustle: A must-have in every drawer, make-up bag and to-go kit - what are we talking about? It’s the black eye pencil of course! For just a little extra oomph, opt for eyeshadow makeup palettes featuring neutral or paisley hues. Chumbak’s high pigment eyeshadow palettes include vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free options so you can be sure that your sensitive skin is well protected. 

Pick a matte lipstick or go simple with a nude pink lipstick, and you’re ready to take on a new day! Add on a manicure kit so you’ll always have magic in your hands. Our essentials selection also includes face masks in a variety of fun prints and patterns. 

For the special occasions: Need something a bit more eclectic than black? Add some drama with green or blue eye pencils. Our bold tone eyeshadow makeup kit is just right for the night out. Keep the drama alive with crimson or hot pink lipstick. All our lipsticks are enriched with essential oils and vitamin B so they rejuvenate the skin while offering high pigmentation. 

Choose from a variety of nail paints in neutral, paisley and vibrant tones. Options in glossy and metallic finishes make it super easy to select the right one for any occasion. Before you forget, stay charming as always, with a cheerful blush!

Fragrances: Enjoy the sweet notes of your travels with Chumbak perfumes for women. From woody tones to floral profiles, our EDPs are a breath of fresh air! And once you’re back home, don’t forget to light the candles and make it a dreamy night. Our scented candles are a delight for after-party wine-at-home kind of nights. Plus, our cute candle jars double as plant pots so they’ll always be put to good use!

For your well-being: Need a good cleanse after a long week? Our collection of sheet masks has you covered. Made in Korea, the masks are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that absorb excess oil and improve hydration. This helps fight signs of ageing while keeping your skin looking and feeling plush and soft. Made with carefully selected ingredients, Chumbak masks are suitable for all skin types. We have a variety of options, so if you’re not sure which one is right for you, pick the kit so you can test them all!

Vibe with Chumbak

At Chumbak, beauty is much more than skin deep. It’s a reflection of the confidence and comfort of just being who you are and what you feel. Stay charming all day every day, only #withchumbak.

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