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The Beginning

It all began (like all good things do) over a (good) bottle of wine. Vivek and Shubhra were tired of all the random souvenirs that India had to offer. They set out to start a company that would go on to sell souvenirs that depicted India, the way you and I saw it. Mad, Crazy. Colourful. In 2010, they founded Chumbak. Over the years, we grew from a company selling just souvenirs to some of the nicest homeware and accessories you’ll find

Brand Pillars

Based in Bangalore, we're known for our unique and fun
aesthetic that celebrates Indian Design, created for a modern – global lifestyle. Everything we create at Chumbak is true to our 6 brand pillars of Wit, Warmth, Honesty, Creativity, Spontaneity & Community.

Our Customer

Our customer is creative, positive and confident. Always striving for a little extra from every moment, she loves colour, her home is an extension of her personality; she is comfortable in a warm cocoon of friends. To her, Chumbak is both a joyful expression and a seamless extension of her

Our Craftsmanship

More than 90% of our products are designed and handcrafted in India, with love and expert craftsmanship by local Indian artisans. Every piece is unique and Indian in its design DNA. At Chumbak working with artisans is the best part of creating! They complement our designs with their years of expertise in choice of textures, embellishments, that makes every piece one of a kind and a perfect centrepiece in any room or wardrobe.

Our Manifesto

Made of the little things: the fleeting thrill of an approaching get together, the irreplaceable feeling of having your bags
packed and ready for a holiday, binge-watching a show
with the best snacks (and not much else), and finding a book so good, you slow it down to make it last.

At Chumbak, we celebrate these moments that make life worth living. It is these times that the challenge of adulting becomes a little less daunting, and a fun, spontaneous spirit takes over. It is these moments that we savour, and that keep us going.