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Chumbak Farmhouse Serving BowlChumbak Farmhouse Serving Bowl
Farmhouse Serving Bowl Sale price₹ 1,095
Chumbak Wildflower Bay Dinner SetChumbak Wildflower Bay Dinner Set
Wildflower Bay Dinner Set Sale price₹ 2,445 Regular price₹ 3,495
Chumbak Farmhouse Pasta BowlChumbak Farmhouse Pasta Bowl
Farmhouse Pasta Bowl Sale price₹ 995
Chumbak Farmhouse Curry BowlChumbak Farmhouse Curry Bowl
Farmhouse Curry Bowl Sale price₹ 595
Seasonal Feelings Bowls - Set Of 4Chumbak Seasonal Feelings Bowls - Set Of 4
Chumbak Love leftovers Storage Bowl - YellowChumbak Love leftovers Storage Bowl - Yellow
Love leftovers Storage Bowl - Yellow Sale price₹ 555 Regular price₹ 795
Bake & Bloom Baking Dish - SmallBake & Bloom Baking Dish - Small
Bake & Bloom Baking DishBake & Bloom Baking Dish
Bake & Bloom Baking Dish Sale price₹ 795
Chumbak Love leftovers Storage Bowl - TealChumbak Love leftovers Storage Bowl - Teal
Pixel Phool Serving BowlPixel Phool Serving Bowl
Pixel Phool Serving Bowl Sale price₹ 895
Essentials Lace Lentil BowlEssentials Lace Lentil Bowl
Essentials Lace Lentil Bowl Sale priceFrom ₹ 295
Essentials Lace Lentil Bowl, PinkEssentials Lace Lentil Bowl, Pink
Essentials Lace Lentil Bowl, YellowEssentials Lace Lentil Bowl, Yellow
Pixel leaf Serving Bowl - SmallPixel leaf Serving Bowl - Small
Pixel leaf Serving Bowl - LargePixel leaf Serving Bowl - Large
Essentials Lace Serving Bowl,PinkEssentials Lace Serving Bowl,Pink
Essentials Lace Serving BowlEssentials Lace Serving Bowl
Essentials Lace Serving Bowl Sale priceFrom ₹ 595
Essentials Lace Lentil Bowl, GreenEssentials Lace Lentil Bowl, Green
Essentials Lace Serving Bowl, YellowEssentials Lace Serving Bowl, Yellow
Essentials Lace Serving Bowl, GreenEssentials Lace Serving Bowl, Green